Plastic surgery prices

As you have looked through our site, you will have seen we do not have a list of prices for each procedure, and possibly wondered why?

The reason for this is that the price of cosmetic surgery will vary depending on which procedure, or procedures, you wish to have and at which hospital the operation will be carried out, so it’s impossible to give a price until you see your individual surgeon. If we did give prices, the chances are we would be wrong, and so to make sure you have all the correct information, we choose not to put prices on our site.

We will happily book a consultation with the actual surgeon that would perform the operation, not a nurse or advisor, so you can get the extra information you need, guidance and that all important exact quote to enable you to consider everything before you book in for your surgery.

Once you have been to your consultation with the plastic surgeon, he will provide you with a fixed price quote that will be inclusive of everything including hospital stay, anesthesia and all aftercare, including all of the follow up consultations you may need.

It is extremely difficult to give an exact cost without first seeing the surgeon, as all patients are different. Some patients may take longer in theatre for their procedure than others, some will have a local anesthetic and not a general, hospitals charge different prices for theatre time; the list is endless and so therefore it is not possible to determine your price without a consultation.

Choose your surgeon based on quality, training, and experience—not cost.