Abode Liposuction – lifestyle feature


Dr.Ahmed Makki at the entrance of the Plastic Surgicentre

Dr.Ahmed Makki at the entrance of the Plastic Surgicentre

As the summer season kicks in and everybody’s off to the beach, the stress falls on the shoulders of those who have failed to get the beach body they desire. Is Liposuction then the answer?

Many believe it is to be an extreme measure, since the risks of undergoing this procedure must be considered, yet there are those who find it to be an easier alternative than exercising.I decided the facts straightened out by the most sought-after plastic surgeon in town, Dr. Ahmed Seif Makki at the Plastic Surgicentre in (149 Najma St, Al-Hilal) who more than 20 years of experience in the field of general and cosmetic surgery. He discussed liposuction with full conviction to what he believes is right and safe for all his patients. According to him, liposuction is a procedure for fat cells removal but not an alternative to dieting and exercise.


Originally from Egypt, Dr. Makki initially practiced general surgery gaining experience in trauma, emergency and orthopedic before specializing in plastic surgery. Most recently, the Plastic Surgicentre celebrated its 12th anniversary this year.


Addressing whether liposuction is an extreme measure, Dr Makki clarified that this procedure suffers from misconceptions as accidents in these surgeries got publicized and generated negative publicity. He said that it is lamentable that there are inexperienced plastic surgeons who have performed and sold the concept of lipo as a way to reduce excessive fat in one operation, something that is highly unsafe and may jeopardize the patient’s life. Dr. Makki said, “The success of liposuction depends on the right patient and doing it at the right time, by the right surgeon and by the right facility in a hospital prepared for such cases.” Having performed many such procedures to better improve his patient’s life, his philosophy on the matter of beauty is that ‘it should look natural and not look fake.


For him the right way to perform Lipo is to administer it in limited areas, which is why he cautions against removing too much fat in one session. Lipo also helps with body contouring, and in a way he calls himself as a sculptor. “When you do sculpture, you remove a little bit from some parts of the body to make it balanced, this way is very safe, that is why we now call it Lipo-Sculpture,” he quipped. Dr. Makki also specified that he does liposuction for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat. It’s so safe that the patient can go back to work on the same day after the procedure.


He also stressed that when selecting patients for any type of plastic surgery, he inspects the different aspects of the person’s health ie psychological, physical and their medical history. Upon inquiry as to what was the the percentage of men and women requiring his service he said , “If you asked the question ten years back I would say 80% ladies, [but] today 65% ladies and 35% men.” Dr Makki added that nowadays men are more conscious about their selves and follow a healthy lifestyle which they see as parallel of their success. The most common procedure for men is tummy tuck, nose job and facelifts. He categorized for surgery for women in two groups, the first Mommy Make-Up, a procedure for mothers to correct the changed contours affected with pregnancy and the second one Post Pariatric Surgery, which is good for patients who achieved dramatic weight loss and were left with excess skin all over the body.


With many women resorting to slimming and firming creams to get rid of cellulite, I asked Dr Makki, whether they matter, he said “Personally, I do not believe in creams. They won’t do any good apart for spending too much money.” Instead he suggested procedures like endomologie and liposuction to combat the cellulite presence.


As the interview concluded, I realized that Dr Makki’s outlook for plastic surgery is not only about performing just any procedure but something that can facilitate a healthy lifestyle, one that incorporates following the principle of moderation, sleeping enough, staying

away from the sun, avoiding smoking and getting some exercise. All this might surely sound like a cliché, but it’s what the doctor still said.